Wise words from Ishwar Parmar

Good management starts with good philosophy. Scroll through this page to read the many lessons and truths Mr. Ishwar Parmar has uncovered during his journey as a self-made man.

Articles from Mr. Ishwar Parmar
  • Youth

    Chapter 1

    We often hear these words of advice, ‘Live life king size’ or ‘Live in the present,’ or ‘you have only one life’, so make the best of it or live it to the fullest. But do we know what these catchy phrases mean?

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  • Wisdom of marriage for young girls

    Chapter 2

    They say it’s like a fairy tale – but in reality it is but a transition in the life of a girl. The reality in question here is often referred to the ‘big day’ in the life of a girl – her wedding! It is this one event that literally changes everything in her life.

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  • Wisdom of transformation from bacherlorhood to married.

    Chapter 3

    Passing through various stages of life do we actually come to know that we are mentally, physically and emotionally fit to bid goodbye to bachelorhood? If it was so, much heart ache would have been avoided

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  • Young married wife or daughter in law

    Chapter 4

    Marriages are made in heaven but consummated here on earth. Most of us has heard this age old saying but realize it only once we are married. The institution of marriage was founded so that one person could find another person to spend his or her life with.

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  • Parenting

    Chapter 5

    Parenting is an acquired skill. As your parents did with you, you too will also learn most of the skills to be an effective parent on the job. This experience is especially eye-opening for first time parents.

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  • Mother in law

    Chapter 6

    We have all heard the saying that home is where the heart is. Another common saying that we keep on hearing is that home is made not from bricks but from love and care of each of the members.

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  • Family Happiness

    Chapter 7

    Modern-day living has been responsible for severed family ties. We tend to take the ones who are close to us for granted from time to time. We often hurt the ones that love and cherish us the most.

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  • Maturity

    Chapter 8

    You must have heard the popular saying that maturity is the way of life. That a person who is mature is not only able to handle most situations in life competently but is also able to take level headed decisions when the situation demands it.

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  • The golden life - Welcome the retired life

    Chapter 9

    Life is a blessing. We should be grateful for the gift of life. There have been many who may not have lived to see a certain age. Therefore, it is always good to be appreciative of the people in our lives.

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  • Spirituality

    Chapter 10

    “Brahm Gyan” is the highest knowledge of this world and in-fact the worlds, or the entire universe, seen-unseen, known-unknown. The supreme power, the existence, the ‘Brahm’ is the pulsating force of the whole universe and beyond.

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  • Inevitable for a blissful life

    Chapter 11

    Sadguru is the “Divine” embodied. He is the enlightened spirit, who appears in a normal natural human form, to lead by example, how the material life can be lead and managed well with spiritual enlightenment.

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