An incomparable legacy
spanning 40 years

Since its inception, the Ishwar Parmar Group has upheld strong themes every ten years that have defined each decade.

In the first decade, Mr. Ishwar Parmar introduced tremendous innovations by bringing the latest technologies from around the globe. His experience in the Gulf paved the way for pioneering high-quality work, ushering in new perspectives in the Pune real estate industry.

The next ten years saw a huge shift in residential projects, providing amenities and promoting the construction of high calibre schools, hospitals, and shopping arcade to help create a sense of community and self-sustaining neighbourhoods.

The third decade brought with it social responsibility in the form of several initiatives in environmental awareness, women empowerment, and skill development for underprivileged communities. The Ishwar Parmar Group also heralded various slum rehabilitation projects, aimed at improving and nurturing the lifestyles of families in Pune.

In the current decade, the Ishwar Parmar Group has adopted the latest research and development techniques to provide durable and long-lasting homes to its valued customers. By crafting a customer-centric home ownership process, the buyer is looked after at every step of the way, ensuring affordable and dignified living to every end user.

All projects are finished well within the forecasted deadline and handed over to clients with the iron-clad Ishwar Parmar Group guarantee of great quality. When you sign on to Ishwar Parmar Group, you sign on for a lifetime of high-quality construction and a promise of great returns on your investment.