Greatness is rarely a by-product of good fortune… greatness is achieved through a consistent effort at self-improvement and hard work. Ishwar Parmar Group works tirelessly to live by its mantra of immense emphasis on detailing and an unflinching laser focus on innovation and meticulous execution. These are the defining characteristics of true greatness. This is the code of Ishwar Parmar Group.

The corporate philosophy of IPG is one of graceful benevolence and the company fully subscribes to the logic of every action having an equal and opposite reaction. IPG shall continue to show gratitude and affection to those who have helped make the company what it is today. IPG’s mission is that the clients not only get good quality houses and apartments to call home, but that they are able to live a luxurious lifestyle that makes them happy, confident, and successful.

IPG believes that its habits form the approach with which it develops its projects, or the ‘habitats’ of its beloved customers. These habitats in turn, go on to form the basis of the habits of its customers.

By creating ecosystems that are designed to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable, IPG’s valued customers are equipped with the tools to lead healthy and prosperous lives.

The tenets of delivering value, ease of owning a home, and celebrating greatness are the cornerstones of IPG’s brand. It celebrates greatness through:


Lower maintenance and better planning means homes delivered on time, not to mention low outgoings post ownership.


Superior engineering capabilities mean better quality homes to stay, water-proof property, and minimal defects in construction.


Thoughtfully created to give the best quality living conditions to owners with better ventilation, amenities, and services.

Ishwar Parmar Group has always been at the helm of innovative construction techniques and has a stronghold over several niche segments of the construction industry. Unique combinations of commercial and residential complexes serve as prime examples of IPG’s ability to transfigure spaces. The Group respects the requirements of its clientele and addresses them through the medium of quality construction that serves multiple needs at once. Quality, punctuality, and reliability are the three fundamental rules followed during the planning and execution of all its projects. The use of nothing but the finest materials, in the most ergonomic and time efficient manner, in order to create a project that is a unique and mesmerising combination of beauty, strength, and functionality, is the speciality of IPG.

IPG’s dedication towards quality control has earned the company many laurels. IPG homes and office buildings have garnered a reputation of durability and high resistance to the climatic changes over the years. Where other buildings fail in terms of leakages and cracks, IPG buildings have yet to receive a single complaint. All the company’s buildings -- from the very first to the latest -- have upheld the promise of IPG splendidly. IPG is a corporation with a soul. The Group holds corporate social responsibility in the utmost regard and takes every opportunity to give back to society. Instead of focusing just on the present, IPG always plans ahead for the future. The Group’s projects are built, bearing in mind the environmental impact of the construction activity, and also that of the materials used. Dedicated to furthering the green movement, the Group uses environment friendly resources and reduces its carbon footprint by using green construction technology. Not only this, but Ishwar Parmar Group also employs up-to-date scientific technology for the planning and execution of all its projects. Forever seeking modern and economical methods, the Group strives to maximise good quality output in the most time efficient manner.

All projects are finished well within the forecasted deadline and handed over to clients with the iron-clad IPG guarantee of great quality. When you sign on to IPG, you sign on for a lifetime of high-quality construction and a promise of great returns on your investment derived from the appreciation of property values.