The Supreme Knowledge Of Spirituality (Brahm Gyan)

by Mr. Ishwar Parmar | Chapter 10, Act 1

“Brahm Gyan” is the highest knowledge of this world and in-fact the worlds, or the entire universe, seen-unseen, known-unknown. The supreme power, the existence, the ‘Brahm’ is the pulsating force of the whole universe and beyond. It is the cosmic energy that manifests, radiates and pervades the entire matter in the cosmos, right from an atom to the innumerable and yet many undiscovered galaxies!!! There is no matter beyond it, no matter without it and no matter separate from it. It is the knowledge of the ONE which is without a second. It is the knowledge of oneness.

Brahm Gyan, the knowledge of the self is the miracle of miracles!!

Brahm Gyan, the knowledge of the self is the miracle of miracles!! It transforms a mere human being into ‘GOD’. It has the power to manifest God, the divinity within each one of us. It is the most powerful knowledge, most ancient and yet very practical, Seems unbelievable!! But it’s true.

Each one of us follows different religions, and follows the religious rituals born and brought up with. We all can claim to be religious, but we cannot claim to be spiritual!! Religion and rituals have nothing to do with spirituality. The true essence of all religions be it ancient, medieval or modern is to make us rediscover our spiritual selves. Almost, all the religions are the various expressions of the theory of Brahm Gyan. Some are the ways to knowledge, some give glimpse and some have come very close, but the practicality got lost on the way. The biggest theory of Brahm Gyan got misconstrued misinterpreted and thus has mislead many people. By our so called religious heads, the priests and the Pandits. Therefore the essence didn’t percolate into our system and as a result the whole of humanity is running from pillar to post in search of God, in search of peace, in search of bliss!! We further entangle ourselves into innumerable, lengthy and many meaningless rituals, in the hope of finding bliss, in the hope of finding a key to our liberation (moksh). Neither have we got liberated, not attained bliss, nor has our life become peaceful. Each one of us is in a mad race of rituals, without understanding, without reasoning and without thinking. These same rituals have become a reason for stress, tension and conflicts. The rituals were not wrong, but were symbolic, were hints to the ultimate truth. Not the truth itself!! Without understanding, no ritual is going to satisfy, help or make us progress into our spiritual life. Any religious ritual, knowledge or religious practice has to take us higher up, into the truth, the supreme oneness, otherwise the purpose remains defeated. Therefore religious, one can be, but not spiritual! The essence of all religions is, for the man to see light, but the same religion has blindfolded man’s eyes. Some are blinded with a saffron cloth, some with green, some with white and many more. But light we still do not see. ‘Brahm Gyan’ is the light. Following a religion is like using an earthen lamp to lighten your house in this technological age and time!! In today’s day and age is the earthen lamp (Diya) convenient, satisfying and enough for tonight and all through our life? Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Same way we are living a damp, dim, dark life, while the switch to on the electricity, is being prayed to, chanted and repeated with names of its glories, garlands around it, hoarded with sweets, fruits, coconuts, incense and what not!! But the darkness has still not gone. The simplest way is to just switch on the button, and get the whole house illumed. This is exactly what ‘Brahm’ Gyan’ is, to switch on one’s button of knowledge. As simple as that! Only right knowledge can liberate, not rituals.

The foundation of ‘Brahm Gyan’ is to drop the name and form of any object animate-inanimate, living-nonliving, seen-unseen. There is only one energy working through all of us. The names and forms differentiate us, but the power, the light, the energy is the same, and it is the “ONE”. There is supreme power, a super intelligent power pervading the universe and within each one of us. We are all manifestations of one soul. At the foundation, we are all one.

Brahm Gyan is the realization that the human body, which each one of us identify with as ourselves, is not my true self. The realization that I am that supreme soul, the supreme power, working through this body, which I identify myself with. Living with this realization and understanding the foundation we then attain the goal of the human birth. The ultimate goal of human birth is “Self realization.” Realizing that, the energy is working through the human body, while the body can be seen, the energy is unseen.

With this new identity, now, fulfil all the roles and duties and responsibilities bestowed upon you, on the journey of life. And this is what all the scriptures tell; this is the sermon that Lord Krishna gave to his beloved friend Arjuna. The essence of Bhagavad Gita. All the saints and prophets have sung the same song since times immemorial. They all meant the same “Realize that you are not the body, but you are the soul, the divine power, working through this body.” The same message was made easy and digestible by various saints and God realized men, according to the need and the times, the society went through in history. Be it Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Nanak, Krishna or Kabir. The message is one, but the followers clash upon the different names of the masters.

The three ways prescribed for liberation are the ‘Gyan Yog’, the ‘Karma Yog’ and the ‘Bhakti yog’. But each path is incomplete without the other two. Brahm Gyan is a balance combination of all the three. It is possible, with the divine guidance of a living spiritual master or ‘Sadguru’.

A Sadguru is the one who has realized his self and has walked the way. He is not a mere orator, preacher or head of an organization, but He is the ‘Divine energy’ manifested. He teaches through his own experiences and is a living talking scripture. He is the Krishna for Arjuna. If you are Arjuna, Krishna will manifest himself for you. The condition is are you thirsty? Are you prepared? Are you ready?

  1. The Gyan (knowledge) realized that I am not the body, and the super intelligent divine power working through this body of mine is “Gyan Yog”.
  2. Then attending to all my worldly, bodily duties with love, loyalty, compassion and honesty is my “Karm Yog”.
  3. All actions which are fulfilled with awareness, purity, reasoning, with the right intention and to fulfil a purpose becomes my “Bhakti yog”.

Therefore my life is a walking talking, working example that Brahm Gyan advocates. This is what is the essence of Brahm Gyan. To live a life where my life works on Gyan, Karma and Bhakti yog. To feel the presence of God, the power within, without and everywhere. When one realizes the power, one becomes powerful. You identify with the supreme power and feel the vastness, the beauty, the bliss. The narrowness, the boundaries and the childish differences cease to exist! Life is a blissful experience, when lived from a higher level of awareness.

Each one of us can enjoy a life full of peace, love, awareness and oneness, be it a college student, IT professional, a housewife, a doctor or a scientist. Who so ever you are doesn’t matter. Any caste, any creed, any religion, doesn’t matter. Man, woman or LGBT doesn’t matter. Whatever the age doesn’t matter. What really matters is the intelligence to understand the concepts, the courage to break away from the prescribed generation to generation blindly followed ritual, the willingness to change.

Understanding the concepts of ‘Brahm Gyan’ with its practical day to day applicability, through a spiritually evolved, enlightened, living master makes our life full of peace, bliss, happiness and positive energy. We start living in the present moment with no stress, no tension and no worries. We live a fully contented life at home, with family, in job/business, fulfilling all social responsibilities, but yet ‘Divine’. Yes!!! It is possible through the knowledge of the self. The all purifying, all powerful, all the time applicable, practical and the highest knowledge – “The Brahma Gyan”