The Importance Of Sadguru In Spirituality

by Mr. Ishwar Parmar | Chapter 11, Act 1

Sadguru is the “Divine” embodied. He is the enlightened spirit, who appears in a normal natural human form, to lead by example, how the material life can be lead and managed well with spiritual enlightenment. They have crossed the way themselves, and so, make the way easy to travel, for the ones who surrender to them. The puzzles are solved by them, and very easy practical solutions are provided to the devout.

‘Brahm Gyan’ is the highest knowledge of the world

The essence of ‘Brahm Gyan’, the realization of the self is possible only when we surrender to our Sadguru, our living spiritual master. ‘Brahm Gyan’ is the highest knowledge of the world, and it cannot be transmitted to the masses. It is not a preaching or a teaching, but it is an experience, which can be felt, but not explained in words. Therefore this knowledge has to be transmitted subtly, to the devout (shraddhalu) deserving and very personal.

It can only be given one to one. Because the master empties his whole being into the deserving Jigyasu. It requires a deep, very deep connect, trust and devotion on the part of the seeker towards the Sadguru.

The ‘Brahm Gyan’ is a series of dialogues between the Guru and the seeker, the disciple. Each seeker, just like Arjuna is in the midst of his/her own battlefield of life and surrenders to the Guru for guidance. The Guru guides, gives practical Yuktis (ideas) and elates the disciple. The love of Sadguru is incomparable and has no parallel. Blessed are those, who feel this divine Sadguru love. “Durlabh Satguru Prem” “Durlabh” means unheard of, something very rare, achieved with penance. A seeker, who madly loves the Guru, is not a big deal. When the Guru too loves the disciple, then it is called “Durlabh Satguru Prem”. It is a dance of divinity. The feeling is ecstatic, beyond words!!

The Sadguru is a body less entity, though, in a human form. They use their bodies but are not in body consciousness and therefore uplift their seekers too, from the body consciousness. Initially, we see the Guru as a separate entity, to bow down to, to surrender to, and to concentrate our scattered energies. But the divine Sadguru, gradually introduces us to HIS existence within us, within our own selves. The great artist HE is, He gradually shifts our focus from His body to the supreme, vast body pervading from the ant to elephant, the thief to the sage, to the butcher, the animate- inanimate, and finally within us also

He imparts the lessons of non duality and the three fold bhakti. Our self becomes the deity, the body becomes the devotee and all our thoughts, actions and words become the devotions, the bhakti. The body becomes a temple and the aatma, the soul one’s presiding deity and all that the body takes part is the surrender to the deity.

Then the Sadguru uplifts the disciple from the ignorance of Body consciousness and reveals the truth that “You are one with me.” It is only the Sadguru who transforms the disciple into His own self. He says “You are me,” and I am you”. Neither is a Guru nor is a disciple. We are the same Divine Power-‘The Aatma.’ The Bodies differ, but the energy, the divinity, the vibrations are the same as the cosmic divine energy. With such heightened awareness, he becomes the master of masters, the knower of knowers, and the king of the kings and then understands “I am that”!!

“Aham brahmasmi tatva-masi” the foundation is I am that divine soul, working through this human body. This being the theory part, now, how does this theory fit into our modern day-to-day life? The spiritual knowledge is there but now the wisdom is needed to face the everyday challenges. The conflicts, the stress and strain in relationships, the emotional turmoil’s, the financial realities and hardships, the struggle, the competition, the ego, the hatred, the jealousy, the unhappiness, all and many more of these need to be individually addressed, with a dialogue with the Sadguru. When the seeker surrenders to the Guru with immense, unconditional faith, then the Guru imparts the lessons. Addressing each one of them. Gives Yuktis (ideas, tricks, gimmicks) to play one’s part to perfection and yet remain unattached with the outcome. Therefore we need theory with practical guidance Gyan with Vigyan. The scriptures provide knowledge but they don’t ask you, what and how are you going to apply, use this knowledge. They are guidelines, but not a guide. One attains knowledge but practicality and wisdom come through a Guru, a mediator, a translator who reveals the cosmic secrets, unfolds the mysteries and makes it tailor made for the seekers. Blessed are the seekers, for the Guru has done all the penance, struggle, all the discovery and offers it on a platter, making it clear, soft, easy, understandable and applicable in the world, His stature is bigger than one’s parents because, his Love is divine, unconditional and unconventional.

The idols in the temple, do not clear your doubts, they probably only hear and mock at your ignorance. The Guru answers, declutters, quashes the ignorance and doesn’t leave us till the time he doesn’t uplift the seeker to HIS level.

He starts from the gross level, the body and gives knowledge to safeguard the precious body as we need its proper functioning till the aim of life is not realized. Then he goes to the emotional level, showing that the whole world and all the relationships are transient and bound to change.

To accept and manage the changes. He comes to our rescue and stands like a pillar of strength when emotional turmoil lashes our lives. In the divine Sadguru’s presence and aura our emotions settle down and get directed, get helpful in our spiritual progress.

Then, the Sadguru works on our mental level. Widening our cosmic oneness and vastness, breaking the mental shackles and boundaries, we had self created. He purifies the corrupt polluted mind, alters our thought process, kills our negativity and develops a true sense of cause and reasoning. Thereby purifying all our thoughts, actions and words. Our practical day to day life improves, tremendously. With comfort, ease and happiness brimming in the seeker’s life, the seeker whole-heartedly surrenders to the Sadguru for further growth. With immense love and gratitude that the seeker feels for the Sadguru, the next level of Spiritual growth is achieved.

Gratitude nourishes the soul. Gratitude keeps one elated, humble and makes one blissful. A heart full of gratitude has tremendous power and energy. It sees the impossible, hears the unspoken and feels the divinity within, without and everywhere around. The feeling of gratitude is the enriched state of mind. Gratitude is the only true prayer which requires no words, actions or offerings. A heart full of gratitude is the only, best ultimate offering to the divine. The feelings of thankfulness, blessedness, the feeling of the divine love, the feelings of divine presence in each and every moment, from dawn to dusk, is what spirituality is.

Spirituality is not giving sermons and discourses, it is not talking about scriptures, it is not singing and chanting prayers, neither changing the colour of robes, nor starving, nor managing and running a charitable institution. Living a life of gratitude is true spirituality and gratitude is the road to spiritual Growth

Once the state of gratitude is attained, the seeker rises to a higher level of consciousness. His faith in “The Sadguru” becomes unshakeable, the mind becomes calm and unquestionable surrender takes place. Surrender to one’s Sadguru. Now, the surrender is complete with the body, mind and soul in gratitude. All the while the seeker feels that he/she is in surrender to the Sadguru, but the truth is, the surrender was incomplete, partial, sometimes only, bodily, at times mentally too, but the feeling of blissfulness never comes without a complete surrender. Where there remain no questions, no conflicts and no confusions, that state is the state of surrender. Complete acceptance with gratitude is total surrender.

It is with this surrender that the seeker merges with the ‘Sadguru’. Now understanding, the real, true self the seeker transforms into a power house of purity, positivity and truth. This power house has the power to illuminate innumerable souls, suffering in bondage. The divine Sadguru yearns to transform each one of us into a power house, creating peace and spreading the divinity. Leading a meaningful, useful and divine life. A true, fulfilling life.

The Sadguru is the ultimate teacher, guide and mentor of our lives. The divine Durlabh Sadguru prem, transforms, purifies and enriches the seeker’s life. The Sadguru is the walking, talking God, each one of us craved for. His simplicity camouflages his divinity. Blessed and fortunate are the ones who have a living master, living God in their lives. Their lives bloom under the Sadguru’s divine, protective canopy of love, knowledge, grace and experience

The Great Saint Kabir has sung couplets in the glory of Sadguru, which reads – “Guru Govind dono khade, kake lagu pai?”

Balihari iss Guru ke jisne Govind diyo milay” it reads – My living master and God both are present, whom do I prostate first, whose feet do I offer my salutation? Then he says – I salute to my living master, my guru, who alone has introduced me to the omnipresent, the divine, without whose guidance I could not have seen God. I can give up my whole self for such a Sadguru.

Such is the stature of a Sadguru!!

We need a Sadguru in our lives right from the gross physical level, to our emotional level, to our mental level, both deep conscious and unconscious levels and to uplift us to our highest level of spiritual consciousness. Our spiritual quotient is entwined in our day to day material, physical world. Therefore every step, is as important and can become as spiritual. We need a Sadguru in our day to day lives, in our relationships, in our everyday conflicts everyday struggles, the everyday stress and tensions. What we need is the everyday peace, everyday understanding, everyday maturity and everyday happiness. Which can be easily achieved with the help, love, guidance and knowledge of a living master, a Sadguru, in our everyday life. An honest, humble and a continuous dialogue with the Sadguru, can resolve any issue, however complicated, however negative, or however impossible.

Knowledgeable-one can become, scholar-one can become, priest- one can become, religious-one can become, head of a sect-one can become, devotee and pilgrim one can become BUT a spiritual life begins only and only under the guidance, care, support and love of a “DIVINE SADGURU ”.

The divine Sadguru decodes the highest knowledge of “Brahmagyan”, simplifies it and makes it practically applicable in the modern, hi tech, material world, we live in today. Fulfilling all the roles the familial, the professional, the societal and the personal. He teaches us the art of growing, through our spiritual levels while growing, through the material world too. A balanced, harmonious, joyous, peaceful, contended and successful life is lead, when one truly surrenders to his/her Sadguru. Success and balance in all fields of life is assured, which is a very difficult combination to attain.

The scriptures say – “Guru bina gati nahi”. There is no salvation without a divine master. Lord Rama and Lord Shri Krishna too had to surrender to their Sadguru’s to attain their aim. The highest aim of a human life cannot be achieved without the presence of a living master a Sadguru. Therefore yearn, search, find, rush and surrender to the divine Sadguru, without wasting any more time. Your Sadguru is waiting for you. Only you have never looked up to him. Yearn for HIM and HE shall manifest Himself for you. A living Sadguru is like a Midas touch in our lives, awakening, transforming, purifying and all illuminating. The question is, are you thirsty for a Sadguru??? That is thirsty for his guidance in your life?